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My name is Danielle, I live in the UK, and have had type one diabetes for 11 years now (That's quite a while now i think about it!)

I was diagnosed in 2000 at age 6 after symptoms of weight loss, extreme thirst and increased urination. (click here for the story)

I have just moved from MDI (multiple daily injections) using pens with Humalog and Lantus over to an animas insulin pump which has been a brilliant change to make!

Me attempting some skim boarding in

I love water and am a current member of the 'Sea Cadet Corps' an organisation for kids and teens to spend time on the water and in the uniform of the navy... it's awesome and would recommend it to most kids I meet, they start at age 10 up.
When I am on holiday I spend at LEAST 70% of the time in the water (maybe slight exaggeration :/) this has been a big factor in choosing a pump and hopefully deciding on an animas of sorts as they are said to be 100% waterproof for several hours!

Me at a lake in Germany

Everyone in the DOC (Diabetic Online Community) always talks about their HbA1c level (not sure if the caps are right in that?) well this is not possible for me because I have the unusual genetic mutation (both my Dad and Grandma have it too meaning it is genetic) of having a D shaped hemoglobin (apparently from the Punjab?) which doesn't affect me at all apart from not being able to have the HbA1c long term sugar test which measures you average sugar or something over 3 or so months. This is because my red blood cells have a shorter cell life and do not last this long so have to have a fructosamine test which measure for 3 weeks instead and gives a different number in the 200's and 300's.

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  1. Hi

    Im Gerald in Australia and see that you were on the same insulin as me before you swapped to the pump. Im about to do the switch to the Animas Vibe and dexcom G4 system pump aswell and have seen your videos. It gives me a heads up of what coming for me in the near future.

    Im a lot older at 38 and have not been looking after myself to well and im already suffering from long term damage.Im been on the straight and narrow for a while now but hopefully the pump will help the up and down routine that i have with humalog in a pen. I do a fair bit of sport like cycling and i also referee basketball so it will be interesting how it sits on me when im doing those sports.

    Keep up the good work thanks again for the videos